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Love the look of your existing windows but can't see through the foggy or cracked panes? Don't replace the entire window. Replace the glass at a fraction of the cost! Residential or commercial, call us today for a free estimate.

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Our Home Window Glass Replacement Process

Broken windows can be an eye sore but they can also cost you money. Once the seal in your thermal pane goes bad, you're paying to heat or cool the outdoors. Restore the original beauty of your windows and save your hard earned money.

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How do Thermal Panes work?

Thermal pane windows use two or three layers of glass surrounding an aluminum spacer creating an air pocket between the panes. Sometimes this space is filled with Argon or another non-toxic gas to further reduce heat transfer.

Thermal panes can also be treated with a microscopic transparent coating known as Low E.  This coating keeps your home warmer in the winter by reflecting more heat back into your home.  In the summer it keeps your home cooler by reflecting the suns energy outside.

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"I needed the back windshield on my 2010 Subaru Outback replaced. They did it three days earlier and for several hundred cheaper than any other quote I got."

Nate Schieber

"Polzin Glass replaced the windshield on my Ford F150. They did a fantastic job. The job was done faster than expected and they handled the insurance part for me."

Dan Corbett

"Quick and organized calls with insurance. Accidentally left me phone in the vehicle and nobody messed with it. Staff kindly told a different driver about an unrelated antifreeze leak they had."

Kyle Willkomm

"Had a few small chips in my windshield so I called an setup an appointment. They worked around my schedule and the whole appointment took 30min or less. It was done well and for a great price! Super friendly people!"

Amanda Baxter - Williams

"They fixed my daughter's car windshield install that was done HORRIBLY WRONG at a different business.Excellent repair job and a very reasonable price. She was thrilled at how they cleaned it for her, and the office staff was very friendly!!"

Molly L

"They were courteous, efficient, and knowledgeable about fixing our issue with our windshield. They even offered to help process our insurance claim. I would recommend this business."

Molly Westler

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