Window Repair and Installation is Just the Beginning

When you think Polzin Glass, you might just think auto glass and windows but those are only two of the many expert services we offer everyday.

Torn screen door repair
broken window in wooden frame
Storm window repair
Mirror repaired

Check Out Our Extensive List of Other Services!

Don't see the glass service you are looking for? Just ask us. There's a great chance we do that too!

Window Screen Repair/Replacement

Are your window screens torn, tired, or all together missing? We can repair/replace a single screen or all of them to give your home an inexpensive, beautiful face lift.

Table Top and Furniture Glass

Protect that beautiful antique table, desk or other piece of furniture with a custom cut glass table top.

Door and Side Light Replacement

Broken door glass is unsightly and a potential security issue. We can help find the right solution for your tinted, tempered or other door glass needs.

Storm Window repair

Broken storm windows can't do their job effectively and can be an eyesore. We can usually cut and replace your storm window glass in only a few short days.

Custom Cut Mirrors

We can replace your current mirrors with a more modern look or trim the edges of your existing ones to make them look beautiful and new again.

Cabinet Glass

Replacing or adding glass to your cabinet doors can create a dramatic new look for your kitchen or bathroom. We offer extension a wide assortment of glass patterns to choose from.