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Come to us or let our mobile auto glass replacement come to you! We can fix your rock chip, replace your windshield or other vehicle glass, and recalibrate your vehicle's camera in as little as a day. Ask about our complimentary loaner vehicles (subject to availability).

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Whether you drive a car, truck, semi, or tractor, we deliver quality you can see thru everything we do!

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Your Family's Safety Is Our Top Priority

Your windshield does more than keep you and your family protected from the elements. Your vehicle's windshield is a key component of its rollover safety system. A properly installed windshield can prevent the roof of your vehicle from collapsing in the event it rolls over. Your windshield also provides roughly half of your vehicle's structural integrity in a front-end collision. Our expert technicians worry about these details everyday so you don't have to.

The Installation Process Makes the Difference

Installing your new windshield is only a piece of the overall process. The manner in which it is set, the materials used and the experience of the technicians all contribute to the quality result you depend on from Polzin Glass every time.

Optimal Installation Techniques

We set every windshield in our shop with two installers. This ensures each windshield is placed as close to the factory original as possible. Our mobile installations use a special tool to simulate the use of a second technician.

Certified Installers

Every installer who handles your new windshield goes through a complete AGRSS certification process every two years to make sure you can rely our workmanship every time, for a lifetime.

Controlled Environment

We prefer to replace your auto windshield in our shop.  Controlling the temperature and humidity during the replacement process guarantees the seal integrity of your new glass and prevents the weather from delaying your repair.

Camera Calibration

Most people don't realize their adaptive cruise control or lane departure systems are dependent on a forward facing camera attached to your windshield. If the new camera isn't recalibrated after installation, your vehicle's critical safety systems may not work as intended or at all! We do dynamic and static recalibrations based on each auto manufacturers specifications.

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How To Get Started?

It's frustrating enough to have your windshield cracked or chipped. Don't let the replacement process make it worse. Call Polzin Glass first! We'll call your insurance company, order your new glass, and schedule installation all in one call!

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We work with all major insurance companies so we can anticipate anything they may need from you during the claim call.

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High Quality Installation

We can usually install your new windshield in as little as a day so you can go on your way!

Chipped Windshield repair examples

Rock Chip Repair

Rock chips aren't just annoying. If left unrepaired they frequently result in larger cracks and aren't repairable. The cost for your glass repair can spread as fast as the crack!

For a blemish in your windshield to be a rock chip, it must have at least these two things in common; an impact point and a crack into the outer layer of the windshield.

There are several characteristics to look for to determine if a chip is repairable. The first is the size; if you can cover the entire impacted surface (The impact point and all cracks) with a 50-cent piece, it is likely repairable. Second, if the chip isn't in the Acute Area (directly in the driver's view when looking straight ahead), it may also be repairable. Let our trusted technicians take a look so you get the proper repair for your situation.

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"I needed the back windshield on my 2010 Subaru Outback replaced. They did it three days earlier and for several hundred cheaper than any other quote I got."

Nate Schieber

"Polzin Glass replaced the windshield on my Ford F150. They did a fantastic job. The job was done faster than expected and they handled the insurance part for me."

Dan Corbett

"Quick and organized calls with insurance. Accidentally left me phone in the vehicle and nobody messed with it. Staff kindly told a different driver about an unrelated antifreeze leak they had."

Kyle Willkomm

"Had a few small chips in my windshield so I called an setup an appointment. They worked around my schedule and the whole appointment took 30min or less. It was done well and for a great price! Super friendly people!"

Amanda Baxter - Williams

"They fixed my daughter's car windshield install that was done HORRIBLY WRONG at a different business.Excellent repair job and a very reasonable price. She was thrilled at how they cleaned it for her, and the office staff was very friendly!!"

Molly L

"They were courteous, efficient, and knowledgeable about fixing our issue with our windshield. They even offered to help process our insurance claim. I would recommend this business."

Molly Westler

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